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Bespoke custom-built office space in your desired location

Workspace solutions designed to meet the specific needs and preferences for businesses requiring 30+ desks, created with the client’s unique requirements in mind.

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How it Works

Customise Your Space:

The primary characteristic of bespoke office space is its high degree of customisation. Clients have the flexibility to design and configure the space according to their brand identity, workflow, and specific requirements.

Layout & Design:

Clients can choose the layout, design elements, and interior decor to reflect their company culture and aesthetics. This may include selecting furniture, colour schemes, lighting, and other design elements.

Amenities and Facilities:

Clients can select the amenities and facilities they require, such as meeting rooms, conference facilities, kitchen areas, lounges / breakout areas, and specialized equipment. This ensures that the space is fully equipped to support business operations.


Clients can choose the location of their bespoke office space, allowing them to be in proximity to clients, partners, or specific business districts. This can enhance accessibility and convenience.

Lease Terms:

The lease terms for bespoke office spaces can be flexible and negotiated to meet the client’s preferences. This may include short-term or long-term leases, with the option to scale up or down as needed.

Branding and Identity:

Customised branding elements can be incorporated into the office space to reinforce the company’s brand identity. This can include logo placement, signage, and branded decor.

Technology Infrastructure:

Clients can specify their technological needs, including highspeed internet, IT infrastructure, and security measures, to ensure seamless operations.

Privacy and Security:

Bespoke office spaces can be designed with privacy and security in mind, incorporating access control systems, secure entry points, and private areas as needed.

In summary, everything is taken care of associated with the office space from fit out, lease renewals, rates, disposals, dilapidation negotiations, arranging all utilities, contractors for repairs, IT set up, cleaning and more.

Client’s will have just one monthly invoice covering absolutely everything.

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Next Steps...

  1. Let us know exactly where you would like your next office to be located.
  2. We’ll send you several unique office space options to review.
  3. View the office space/s and identify those which would work.
  4. We’ll produce CAD and 3D floor plans and work with you to find the right layout.
  5. Agree the contract term – usually 3-5 years.
  6. Reconfigure the space if required and fit-out to a high specification.
  7. Move into your brand new turn-key office space.
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